Soaring Rabbit

Keio Flying Squadron 2 European Manual

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Epilepsy Warning

Please read before using this video games system or allowing your children to use it.

Some people are susceptible to epileptic seizures or loss of consciousness when exposed to certain flashing lights or light patters in everyday life. Such people may have a seizure while watching certain television images or playing certain video games. This may happen even if the person has no medical history of epilepsy or has never had an epileptic seizures. [sic]

If you or anyone in your family has ever had symptoms related to epilepsy (seizures or loss of consciousness) when exposed to flash lights, consult your doctor prior to playing. We advise that parents should monitor the use of video games by their children. If you or your child experiences any of the following symptoms: dizziness, blurred vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of consciousness, disorientation, any involuntary movement or convulsion, while playing a video game, IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your doctor.

Precautions to Take During Use

Starting Up: How to Use Your Sega Saturn System

This CD-ROM can only be used with the Saturn System. Do not attempt to play this CD-ROM on any other CD player - doing so may damage the headphones and speakers.

  1. Set up your Sega System by following the instructions in your Sega Saturn System Instruction Manual. Plug in Control Pad 1. For 2-player games, plug in Control Pad 2 also.
  2. Place the Sega Saturn CD-ROM, label side up, in the well of the CD tray and close the lid.
  3. Press the Power Button to load the game. The game starts after the Sega Saturn logo screen. If nothing appears, turn the system OFF and make sure it is set up correctly.
  4. If you wish to stop a game in progress or the game ends and you want to restart, press the Reset Button on the Sega Saturn console to return to the Game’s Title Screen. If you wish to return to the Control Panel, press Buttons A,B,C and Start simultaneously at any time.
  5. If you turn on the power without inserting a CD, the Audio CD Control Panel appears. If you wish to play a game, place the Sega Saturn CD in the unit, press the D-Button to move the cursor to the top left button on the Control Panel, and press Start. The opening screens of a Game will appear.

Important: Your Sega Saturn CD-ROM contains a security that allows the disc to be read. Be sure to keep the disc clean and handle it carefully. If your Sega Saturn system has trouble reading the disc, remove the disc and wipe it carefully, starting from the centre of the disc and wiping straight out towards the edge.



(Thank you for purchasing JVC’s Sega Saturn CD. Before you start the game, please read this manual.)

The Story

A year has passed since the apocalyptic disaster which left a great crater in the center of Edo city. The destruction wrought major economic consequences and while much investment was poured into the public works for the New Edo Castle, the citizens were all feeling the pinch of the recession.

Dr. Pon was no exception. Although a freak of nature with an astronomical IQ of 1400, hard reality forced the genius raccoon to become a laborer in the construction of the New Castle. One day, while he was shoveling away some gravel near the center of the crater, he unearthed the Secret Treasure Scroll and one of the Six Magical Orbs! With the knowledge that the six Orbs together would bring him enormous wealth, he quickly left his job in search of the remaining five orbs listed on the scroll’s map.

Meanwhile, Himiko “the Pompous Queen of the Ancients” makes a dramatic appearance at the Nana-hikari family’s dinner table and grabs the family’s Magical Orb. But before she can get away, Dr. Pon ambushes her and steals it. Of course, Rami makes chase and joins the race for the great treasure, starting her on her new adventure….


A button: Picks up weapons/items
B button: Attacks with weapon in hand
C Button: Jumps
Directional Pad
left/right arrow: Moves to left/right
up arrow: Squats/ goes down the stairs/looks downward
down arrow: Goes up the stairs
L-R button: Run (when set in Option Screen)
XYZ button: not used
Start: Start the game/pause

Special controls by pushing two buttons at the same time:
A while pushing down arrow: Discard weapons/items
B while pushing up arrow: Throw hammer/open umbrella
Directional arrow while pushing B: Set the direction of arrow
C while pushing down arrow: Jump off to the lower level (if any)
Button settings can be easily changed in Option Screen.

Starting the Action

Start Game

First, insert the CD into your Saturn and turn on the power. Once the game starts, the Opening Animation appears on the screen, followed by the Title Screen. (START button will skip this opening sequence)

Title Screen

Press the START button to bring up the Main Menu at the Title Screen. Unless you push any button, the demo starts automatically. To return to the Title Screen during the demo, press START.

Main Menu

Use the Directional Pad to move the cursor to select your option “From the Beginning”, “Continue Game”, “Option Setting” or “Bonus Game”.
From the Beginning - To start the game from the beginning
Continue Game - To resume the game at the stage where you saved
Option Setting - To the Options Menu
Bonus Game - Find out by yourself!
You can’t select “Continue Game” unless you finish the first chapter.

Options Menu

Set Options

You can change the various option settings on this screen.
Control: [sic] To change the button settings
Speed: To set Rami’s speed.
single arrow: Rami starts running by holding down the arrow button
double arrows: Rami starts running by pressing the arrow button twice
LR: Rami starts running by pressing the arrow button and L/R buttons simultaneously.
Difficulty: To set the gameplay difficulty level at Monkey (easy), Human (normal) or Super Human (hard)
Audio: To toggle Stereo/Mono
Auto Save: To toggle ON/OFF Auto Save function. ON automatically saves your game data after you clear each chapter. OFF releases Auto Save.

About Saving Your Data

If you select ON for Auto Save, your game data will be automatically saved: When you clear each chapter (The screen is dimmed after you clear a chapter) OR When you change the option settings (As soon as DONE is selected)
Do not turn off the game machine while saving the data as it may result in data loss.

[Picture - Himiko: “I see. If you are not good in action games, you can select ‘monkey’”]


How to Play the Game

Join Rami’s new adventure and blow away the gloomy recession in Edo which was brought about by the disaster of Ark. Your goal is to reveal the enormous treasure hidden somewhere in Edo City.
First, let’s go off in search of the Six Magical Orbs in yellow, red, white, green, purple and blue which are believed to be the keys to the treasure.

Game Screen
  1. Rami’s Lives Remaining: [sic] Indicates how many Rami’s you have left
  2. Rabbit Points: Indicates the number of rabbits you have gained
  3. Score : [sic] Displays your current score
    If you collect 100 rabbits, you will gain 1 Rami and the Rabbit points returns [sic] to zero.
Continue Screen

When your remaining number of Rami’s becomes “o” [sic], the Continue Screen appears. By selecting “Continue” at this screen, you can start the game from the stage you have just left. The remaining number of “Continue” privileges will be displayed on this screen.

Sleeping Spot

Occasionally you will find the dragon sleeping somewhere on the screen. Wake him up by walking towards him. From then on, if Rami is defeated, you can resume the game from where Spot is rather than from the beginning of the stage.

[Picture - Himiko: “Treasure… Treasure…”]

How To Attack Your Enemies

Stamping On

This is a basic attack form for this game. You can defeat the enemies by jumping and stamping on them.

Throwing Items

You can throw the things you picked up.

Using Weapons

You can choose from three types of weapons. Try to use the most suitable weapon for each situation and type of enemy. You can get most of the weapons by defeating armed raccoons, but you can also find them in some treasure boxes. Once you get a weapon, you can use it as often as you wish.

Kinugawa - The Umbrella of Love

Closed, these are thrust weapons. By opening it, you can jump farther and dodge an attack or falling object.
B button:To [sic] thrust (when it’s closed)
To close the umbrella (when it’s open)
B button while pressing upper arrow:
To open the umbrella

Atami - The Hammer of Dreams

Hammer down your enemy! And you can hit the enemy by throwing the hammer at them.
B button: To hit
B button while pressing upper arrow:To [sic] throw

Kusatsu - The Arrow of Hope

Use this to attack the enemy at a distance. The direction of the arrow is easily set by arrow buttons on your Directional Pad. For long distance, [sic] press down and hold the B button.


If Rami has no weapon, she will be defeated by the enemy’s first attack. On the other hand, with a weapon in her hand, the first attack will only make her drop her weapon. So be sure to carry a weapon all the time!

Bonus Items

A Safe: They contain various useful items. Break them open by stamping on them.
Kappa the mysterious creature in the marsh:
You can use them as a springpad for jumping. You can also carry them.
Rabbits: You can increase your remaining Rami’s by collecting them.
Rami Icon: This will give you another chance to fight when Rami is killed.
Eggplant: You can gain the “continue” privileges.

[Picture - Rami: “They seem very useful… I’d better not forget anything.”]



ABC button - Fires Shots and Sub-Weapons continuously
XYZ button - Changes speed (X: Slow Y: Normal Z:Fast)
Directional arrows - Moves Rami and Spot
LR buttons - Not used
START - Pause

You can not change the Shooting control settings in the Option Menu.


For shooting you can use Spot to blow flames, and Sub-Weapons which are used by Rami to assist Spot. You can use either the explosive throwing starts or homing Spot Jr. (baby dragons) depending on the type of Sub-Weapon items available to you. By collecting icons of the same type (described below) you can increase the power of your Shot and Sub-Weapons up to three levels.


If you see this little creature, shoot him and an inventory of icons will appear on your screen.

Power-up Items

For intensifying the power of the Shot.


There are two types of Sub-Weapons to support Rami and Spot. The icon display changes automatically to indicate which type is available.

Explosive Throwing Stars

Sub-Weapons for multi-directional attack. They are projected in the opposite direction from where you are headed.

The Homing Spot Jr.

Baby dragons act as homing missiles to chase down enemies

In Amusement Park

Roller Coaster

How to attack

You can also only attack by clashing and stamping on enemies. Attack them by using the arrow button to change the speed (Left arrow to slow down, right arrow to gain speed) and C button to jump.


How to Attack

You can not make any attempt to attack in the aquarium. Use the C button and directional arrows to swim upwards and avoid crashing into opponents.

Cast of Characters

Rami Nana-Hikari

Needless to say, she IS the leading character of the story. After the last adventure she was enjoying her life as an ordinary school girl. However, now that she knows about the Secret Treasure, she has decided to join the battle between Dr. Pon and Himiko in search of the wealth. (Believe it or not, her bunny suit is the formal attire of a keeper of the Secret Treasure.)

Name: Rami Nana-Hikari
Nationality: Japan
Born at: Ohtakigawa village in Saitama prefecture
D.O.B: August 22, in the 6th year of Kaei (1853)
Sign: Leo
Blood type: B
Height/Weight: 144 cm, 38 kg
Sizes: B68, W42, H70
Occupation: Student
Personality: Self centered
Hobby: Karaoke, skiing
Loves: Ice cream and animals
Hates: Durian

[Picture - Rami: “The final scene will start from Chapter 5. Who do you think ends up with the treasure? Ugyah!?”]


The pet dragon of the Nana-hikaris who has become like a younger brother to Rami. Perhaps because he worked so hard in the first episode, he became Soporose and now sleeps and nods out whenever he can. In this episode, he has a supporting role assisting Rami.

Grandma and Grandpa

They are the natural grandparents of Rami and brought her up. (I can’t tell you about Rami’s real parents.) They belong to the clan of the keeper who have been guarding the “Key of the Secret Treasure” and “Magical Orb” for generations. Two years ago, when they came to the realization that they no longer look very good in the bunny suits, they decided to resign their posts to Rami and enjoy their retirement.

Dr. Pon

Although he looks like an oversized Tanuki (Japanese Raccoon), he is the most intelligent creature on earth with an IQ of 1400. He is critical of most humans, but on the other hand loves nature and is an ecologist who belongs to Green Peace. He loves to buy new products that come on the market, but because he has no economical common sense, he is always broke. He always carries the Job Classifieds section of the Newspaper.

Name: Pon Eho
Age: approximately 5000 years old
Nationality: None
Born at: Yucatan Peninsula, in Central America
D.O.B: 3000 BC (exact data and time unknown)
Blood Type: O
Height/Weight: 128 cm, 62 kg
Sizes: B98, W94, H96
Occupation: Freelance
Personality: In general very sloppy, except at work
Hobby: Go (Japanese chess), fishing
Loves: Old people
Hates: Firewood, boats made of mud

Psi-Vee 1

Psi-powered vehicle invented in the Ancient Realm. Only Himiko can control.

Himiko Yamatai

The13th [sic] Queen of the Ancient Realm, she is in search of the Secret Treasure along with Rami and Dr. Pon. She believes that the treasure righteously belongs to her since it was the 1st Queen that hid the wealth as an emergency measure for the day when there would be a need to re-establish the Ancient Realm. To destroy the magical seal of the door to the Secret Treasure, she controls the mysterious psi-powered vehicle Psi-Vee1 [sic] and 2. Due to her upbringing in poverty, she can be modest in lifestyle but she is a queen after all, and her pride remains strong.

Name: Himiko Yamatai
Nationality: Ancient Realm in Japan
Born at: Amaki-city, Fukuoka prefecture
D.O.B: March 12, in the 5th year of Kaei (1852)
Sign: Pisces
Blood type: A
Height/Weight: 149 cm, 43 kg
Sizes: B78, W44, H76
Occupation: Queen
Personality: Pompous, responsible
Hobby: Tropical fish
Loves: Thrill ride (especially Evolution)
Hates: TV drama

Psi-Vee 2

High performance clockwork psi-powered vehicle. Himiko’s private plane.



They work under Dr. Pon’s direct orders. Appear all through the game trying to intercept Rami’s advancement.

Armed Raccoons

You can snatch the weapons from their hands and add them to your arsenal.

Crane in Hanging Bag

Because he hates the cold weather, this creature lives in a bag made of leaves that hangs from a tree. he [sic] occasionally scares those who pass underneath.

Good Raccoon Thief

A good thief who steals money from the rich to give to the poor. By defeating him when he holds a wooden safe in his hand, you will obtain the safe filled with money.

Mini-whaling boat

High performance 2-person whaling boat capable of catching the largest type of whale. The harpoon gun which shoots from the head of the boat is extremely powerful.

Mr. Piggy

Dr. Pon’s Marine Reserve. Usually works as a boatman on a houseboat.

Musashi The Sumo Champion

The National Sports Museum’s good luck mascot doll, possessed by the spirit of a legendary Sumo champion. His muscular power has no rival.

Armed Clockwork Tea-servant

“Tekkannon (plus 150 ml),” an improved version of “Tekkannon” in the first story.

Frog Raccoon

He swims in the water wearing a red G-string with a long tail to scare off sharks.

Kurobei the Octopus

An octopus who occasionally drowns in water.



Screen Play: Satoru Honda
Alchemist: Teruhito Yamaki
Composer: Tsukasa Tawada
Creater: [sic] Masaru Yokoura
Artist: Naomasa Kitatani, Kenji Kawashima, Yoshiyuki Ozaki, Nobuyuki Ikigame, Daisuke Fukuda (Winds), Akito Kuroda (Winds)
Character Design: Hiromasa Ota
Animation: Sudio [sic] Pierrot
Animation Studio: Yoshitada Iwasa and Iwasawa Construction Co.
Game Advisor: Kyozo Urano, Kazuya Tominaga
Tester: Yuji Yokoi, Yoshinori Itakura (Pole To Win)
Title text: Satoshi Tsuji
Technical Director: Yoshiaki Iwasawa
Director: Yasushi Endo
Producer: Toshiyuki Nagai, Atsushi Okanbe


Rami: Samantha Paris
Dr. Pon, Spot: Roger Jackson
Himiko, Youshiko: Elaine A. Clark
Benkei: Toby Gleason
Xavier: Don Robins
Studio: Music Annex, San Francisco, CA
Translation & Recording: Watanbe-Robins and Associates

Handling Your Sega Saturn CD-ROM

Warning to Owners of Projection Televisions:

Still pictures or images may cause permanent picture-tube damage or mark the phosphor of the CRT. Avoid repeated or extended use of video games on large-screen projection televisions.


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