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Character Information

This page provides background information on each of the characters found in the Keio Yuugekitai series.

The Main Cast

Rami Nana-hikari


Rami Nana-hikari is an ordinary 14 year old school girl. (Censored to be 18 in the American and European versions.) She sleeps, she plays and she eats. She eats quite a bit, actually. In fact, one could go as far as to say that Rami is a major slob when it comes to food. And anything else, for that matter.

Apart from not really caring about her family’s ancient key, stolen at the beginning of “Keio Yuugekitai”, she also has a rather blasé attitude to Dr. Pon’s vision of turning the Earth into a Raccoon world. Yes, poor Rami, her only reasoning for taking to the back of Spot in the first place is so she can return home to a hot dinner. However, this given, Rami is quite determined in her quest, even if her reasons are completely selfish.

Rami’s attire usually consists of the holy robes of ancient shrine keepers, but there are those days when she has to transform into a rather flimsy red playboy bunny outfit. And aren’t we all glad about that?

Rami Nana-Hikari’s Fact List

Born in Ohtakigawa village in Saitama prefecture, Japan.
Birthday is the 22nd of August, 1853.
Height 144 cm, weight 38 kg.
Sizes B68, W42, H70. Blood type is B.
Enjoys skiing and Karaoke.



Pochi, Spot, or whatever you want to call him, or her.. well, poor little Pochi is probably the most confusing character in the “dubbing” of the Keio Yuugekitai games. Its gender could be considered interchangeable, but it has pretty much been determined that he’s male in the Japanese games and the European version of Keio Yuugekitai Katsugekihen. It’s just that the original Keio Yuugekitai called him a she in the American and European versions. Oh, and Pochi is his Japanese name, Spot being the American and European version.

Anyhow, Pochi acts as the reptilian sidekick to Rami in her adventures. He’s capable of flight, fire breath, and.. sleeping. He’s been the pet of the Nana-Hikari family for quite some time and is a childhood friend of Rami’s, even though she can get frustrated with him on occasion. Pochi’s appetite at times matches Rami’s, but he is less likely to get mad about it.

Dr. Pon

Dr. Pon

The scheming leader of the raccoons is Dr. Pon, a super smart and mostly evil Racoon who wants the ancient treasure, ultimate power over the world, and even Rami at one point. With a reputed IQ of 1400, Dr. Pon’s world domination plans run counter to his eco-friendly intentions (he’s a member of Greenpeace and has taken up ecology as a hobby.) A racoon of many talents, it’s surprising considering his intellect and age that his plans are consistently foiled by a bunny girl on a lazy pet dragon.

Dr Pon’s Fact List

Full name is Pon Eho.
Born in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.
Birthday is around 3000 BC (Wow!)
Height 128 cm, weight 62 kg.
Sizes B98, W94, H96. Blood type is O.
Enjoys playing Go and fishing.

Himiko Yamatai


Himiko Yamatai, the precocious princess and treasure-hunting tomboy of the story, plays the older, darker anti-hero to Rami’s good-natured rescuer role. That’s not to say she’s not clumsy and ridiculous in her own way, though, as Himiko, like the rest of the characters in the Keio universe, is essentially a parody. Introduced in Keio Yuugekitai Katsugekihen as the “Pompous Queen of the Ancients”, the young girl of unknown age (probably 15)’s plans, in practice, often fail. However, her enthusiasm and dedication to her tasks is only comparable to that of Dr. Pon.

Himiko Yamatai’s Fact List

Born in Amaki City, in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan.
Birthday is March 12, 1852.
Height 149 cm, weight 43 kg.
Sizes B78, W44, H76. Blood type is A.
Enjoys tropical fish and thrill rides.

The Supporting Cast

“Grandma” and “Grampa”

Grandma and Grandpa

The biological grandparents of Rami, “Grandma” and “Grandpa” Nana-Hikari have raised Rami from a young age and have brought her up to be the next keeper of the secret treasure. They were former keepers themselves, continuing a long line of ancestors in their clan that have kept the treasure safe for many generations. They are now retired, and have passed the job to Rami. Grandma is a rather harsh person that does not take lightly to Rami acting like a slob, and Grandpa is just a little dopey. If Rami does not defend the secret treasure, it’s quite doubtful Grandma will ever let her eat dinner in their house again.


The strange little frog-like creatures inhabiting the backdrops of Keio Yuugekitai Katsugekihen are quite probably not one and the same, but their presence at least deserves a mention. Stemming from a type of the legendary Suijin (water spirit) from Shinto mythology, they appear in both Keio Yuugekitai Katsugekihen and play a cameo role in Rami-chan no Oedo Sugoroku -Keio Yuugekitai Gaiden-.

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