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Several demo and other promotional discs relating to the Keio Yuugekitai series were released. This page provides details relating to each demo.


Keio Yuugekitai Demos

Japanese Keio Yuugekitai Demo

Adorned with the image of Rami’s voice actress on the cover, this is a fairly plain demo of the first level of Keio Yuugekitai with no real extra features. It features the full soundtrack of the first game in redbook audio. The most unique aspect of this demo is the unusual little punch out signs that come attached to the front insert. These little things proclaim the 6th of August as the release date of Keio Yuugekitai and seem to be intended to hang from your TV set or any other items available to stick the tabs under.

European Keio Yuugekitai Katsugekihen SegaPro Magazine Demo

Produced in 1994, this disc supposedly lets you play only the first level, but contains the full version the European edition of Keio Flying Squadron! By use of the level select cheat, one can play the whole game. More info to come, but I do own this CD.

Keio Yuugekitai Katsugekihen Demos

Japanese Keio Yuugekitai Katsugekihen Okiraku Tamatebako Demo

This appears to be the main or only Japanese demo of the Keio Yuugekitai Katsugekihen game, released about a month before the official game. A very rough translation of the subtitle is “Rising Together”, possibly an allusion to Rami and Pochi flying. I was able to obtain this disc bundled with the Keio Yuugekitai Katsugekihen artbook and it contains a folder full of interesting bonus images of Rami and Pochi, which I have converted to PNG and uploaded.

This demo contains several interesting things - firstly, the aforementioned art is available through a picture gallery on a disc, and also, you can view a high resolution version of the beginning and ending movies from Keio Yuugekitai, and some demo levels from the Keio Yuugekitai Katsugekihen game are also available to play.

European Keio Yuugekitai Katsugekihen Sega Flash Demo

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Rami-chan no Oedo Sugoroku -Keio Yuugekitai Gaiden- Demos

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Other CDs

Promotional CDs

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