___eternal misery list___

This page dissplays the list of all of the wonderful members of this fan club! Thank you for signing up everybody

List of everyone that has signed up

Shadow fan number 21: James!!!
They joined August 27, 2019 and like Shadow cuz
Just slob on my knob bruh

Shadow fan number 20: Kail!!!
They joined February 2, 2016 and like Shadow cuz
i don't

Shadow fan number 19: Dan!!!
They joined November 13, 2015 and like Shadow cuz
He is like batman jesus

Shadow fan number 18: Juggalerjunction!!!
They joined November 11, 2015 and like Shadow cuz
His dark, brooding, and truely badass nature reminds me of my own eternal and internal termoil, which I pray I may one day blast free of (like shadow's chaos blast) and someday serve my true purpose, just like how shadow served his when he gave the ultimate sacrifice in sonic adventure 2. I also enjoy the dramatic twist in sonic heroes when !! spoiler alert!! we find out that shadow may just be an android, continuing his theme of finding purpose. !!End of spoilers!! Besides all this, well, shadow is just the coolest! I want to die like how its hintes sonic dies in the shadow the hedgehog opening-the cruel, powerful, and mighty hands of the ultimate lifeform himself.

Shadow fan number 17: Shadows girlfrend!!!
They joined January 7, 2013 and like Shadow cuz
I love shadow very much cause hes cute and i love him super much!

Shadow fan number 16: Travis Arias!!!
They joined June 20, 2012 and like Shadow cuz

Shadow fan number 15: Shadookun'sgf!!!
They joined October 15, 2011 and like Shadow cuz

Shadow fan number 14: Kub6!!!
They joined March 13, 2011 and like Shadow cuz
Just look at him. He's radiating the awesome~ Yess. I can feel the awesome in my screen~

Shadow fan number 13: HerpaDerpa!!!
They joined January 27, 2011 and like Shadow cuz

Shadow fan number 12: Shado!!!
They joined January 27, 2011 and like Shadow cuz

Shadow fan number 11: ozaxlxjzcn!!!
They joined June 4, 2010 and like Shadow cuz

Shadow fan number 10: Brittney!!!
They joined March 23, 2009 and like Shadow cuz
He's awesome. I like it when he makes an angry face and then uses chaos blast. I wish they would truly bring back the coolness of chaos spear. How they do it now makes it kinda sucky. Oh well, that's only one of Shadow's flaws besides the fact that he can't move on just a little. But we all love him for his angsty self.

Shadow fan number 9: SuitCase!!!
They joined March 8, 2009 and like Shadow cuz
For some reason this was broken so TIME WARP BACK TO 2006 GUYS

Shadow fan number 8: Cabron!!!
They joined July 24, 2006 and like Shadow cuz
Wait what I thought I joined this. Anyway BANDWAGON. I r cool. Oh yea I like Shadow because he is sexy and makes me all tingly inside.

Shadow fan number 7: Taeshi!!!
They joined April 21, 2006 and like Shadow cuz
OMG shutup sterotypcalguessbookspamer if you dont like this DON'T LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadow fan number 6: stereotypicalguestbookspammer!!!
They joined April 11, 2006 and like Shadow cuz
fuck you bitches furries are for fags fuckfuckfuckshitfuckfuck i jerk off to real men yo. p's

Shadow fan number 5: Shadow20912!!!
They joined April 7, 2006 and like Shadow cuz
I like Shadow because of the DARK HARDCORE NATURE OF HIS CHARACTER!! \m/ Fuck yeah!! I totally made a reference to Team America there, did you see? South Park, and drugs and having orgies!! Fuck yeah!! That's how hardcore I think Shadow is. If me and Shad (that's what I call him - hell yeah!!) hung out, we'd totally smoke doobies and have sex with prostitutes! Man, I'm gonna post my fanfiction up on this website soon, it's all about Shadow and his brother, that's me, running this club where people fight and ride motorcycles!! I totally hat lammers who diss the new sonic games! They piss me off so much! Hell, those scrawny assed little shits wouldn't come near me irl, i'm totally buff and like 7 feet tall and i have tattoos of SHADOW. FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadow fan number 4: Taeshi!!!
They joined April 7, 2006 and like Shadow cuz
i wuv shadookun my fursona is his girlfriend but i also soulbond with him becuz i know him from the inside out ^____^;; were all in one and wenever im real sad i think of shadookun ;-; if he were real id love to live with him and have his bebez ^-^ And Sonikku will be the best man and Tairusu the ring boy and..

Shadow fan number 3: Evan!!!
They joined April 7, 2006 and like Shadow cuz
his shady personality speeks to me and he totally needs sumone 2 fill his sad heart with luv n mi fanchar Sasha will give him a hug ^.^

Shadow fan number 2: Sammy Bean the Cat!!!
They joined April 2, 2006 and like Shadow cuz
shad is kewl and he hangs out with me and sonic in the emerald hill zone. we have contests to see who can grind on teh railz longest but i always win caues i have a long tail and it helps me balance!!! well g2g PEACE *8-D

Shadow fan number 1: SuitCase!!!
They joined April 2, 2006 and like Shadow cuz
he fits my mood so well! Like when I'm angry because the radio isn't playing american Idiot I can just think of the torments that Shadow had to go through and how he was strong when Sonic WASN'T! LOL I guess that makes me the American Idiot for getting so upset but yeah I love Shadow!!

This site was made by SuitCase (Email link) because I love shadow! Oh and thank you TaeshiLH (Email link) for the wonderful Shadow image on the left!