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HELLO! Welcome to e.t.e.r.n.a.l m.i.s.e.r.y my fanlisting for the awesume character from SONIC ADVENTURE 2, SONIC ADVENTURE 2 BATTLE, SONIC HEROES, SONIC RIDERS AND SONIC PINBALL PARTY I THINK.

This is for SHADOW fans only! Its ok if you aren't a shadow fan yet though because after looking at this site you will BECOME ONE!! Do you see him to the side? It's a tearful goodbye at the end of Sonic Adventure 2 when Shad chan burns into the hemisphere but NOT TO FRET he returns quickly in Sonic Heroes and other subsequent great games but not Sonic RUSH! (which is a bad game because they replaced him with a cat)


16th of March 2006!! - This is not only a memorable day for the obvious reason (ONLY 100 DAYS UNTIL SHADOW'S BIRTHDAY!) but it is the first time this site has been opened and available for all to look at! I know its kind of late becaus Shadow is over 3yrs old as of this writing however I felt all the other fanlistings were stupid and mine had to be better! nobody can beat the red starson this site because they match Shadow's moody quills and also he has red eyes. I hope everyone signs up and joins my fanlisting because we have to band together to make Shadow the popular character that he deserves to be!

17th of March 2006 - I fixed the link on the rules page that was broken SORRY EVERYONE

25th of March 2006 - this is a fanlisting but what do you guys think of an hatelisting for MARIA the bitch who tries to take shadow away from us all? just a thought email me about it!

1st of April 2006 - I forgot to link it on the main page but now I have.

I will be writing more updates to follow on a weekly basis


This site was made by SuitCase (Email link) because I love shadow! Oh and thank you TaeshiLH (Email link) for the wonderful Shadow image on the left!