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So you like shadow hmm? JOIN THE CLUB! hehe I mean it for real! Well the first thing to do if you want to join the fan listing is that you need to fill out the following form: PLEASE only click the join button once and don't click reset because I don't know what it really does. DOUBLE CHECK FOR TYPOS!!!

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This page is called e.t.e.r.n.a.l m.i.s.e.r.y for a clear reason it is because this site is for people who value Shadow and his depth of character which is brought through his pain to the Sonic games. IF YOU ARE NOT A FAN OF SHADOW DON'T SIGN UP THANK YOU

Only click ok if you filled in all fields please! and make the reason for loving shadow a good one preferably long! All done? Thanks! you have been added to the list! You are now a true fan of Shadow.

This site was made by SuitCase (Email link) because I love shadow! Oh and thank you TaeshiLH (Email link) for the wonderful Shadow image on the left!