A personal home page — featuring websites about games, animu and technology. SuitCase made it, but it's all kind of old.

Notice used to be my main website, but it doesn't reflect my interests very well anymore. Today I blog at Baggage Claim, tweet at @SuitCase874 and spend almost all my time working on Bittersweet Candy Bowl, which has come a long way since I first linked it on the bottom of this webpage!

Major Sites

Soaring Rabbit

Perhaps the only Keio Yuugekitai (aka Keio Flying Squadron) website on the internet, Soaring Rabbit serves as an awfully educational resource if you ever wanted to learn about a small, insignificant, forgotten series of games forever lost deep in the confines of Sega’s history.

Rampaging Feline

A small informational site about “Di Gi Charat”, a Japanese animay. Instead of duplicating the work of hters, I have tried to provide unique and interesting stuff for fans of the series, as well as a bunch of image resources and scans from my collection.

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