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Hi! And.. welcome to this rather modest page on a semi-obscure but still really awesome Japanese series, Di Gi Charat. I (SuitCase) realise that this is not a subject that is rarely covered, in fact, there are many Di Gi Charat sites far more exhaustive and well-researched than this one, so instead of writing up episode summaries and character profiles done much better elsewhere, I can instead offer some things that are not so commonly available. If you’re a Di Gi Charat fan, I hope whatever I have to offer is at least a little interesting to you!

The Di Gi Charat Series You Should Watch

Di Gi Charat has expanded over the years from one basic series to many many different ones. Some are amazing, a few are great, one is awful. Here is my absolutely objective description of which you should watch in order to best enjoy the series:

Interesting Things Not Well Explained

There’s a whole bunch of small things about Di Gi Charat that you might not understand at first, and things that are sorta taken for granted by the fans and ignored elsewhere. I’ll try to throw them into this small section. Firstly:

Pyoko is so kawaii-pyo! ^^

NO. She isn’t. Because Pyoko doesn’t exist. At all. Who does exist, however, is Piyoko.. note the “i”. This is generally accepted as the correct English spelling of Piyoko’s name (Check the translated mangas, any official Japanese material bearing Piyoko’s shortened name, etc) but too often Pyoko is chosen in fanart or webpages or whatever over the correct spelling Piyoko, and.. it just had to be said. You see. Oh, and Digi Charat means nothing. It’s “Di Gi Charat”, three quasi-words. People seem to have started catching onto this lately, though.

Weird Naming Conventions

What is Di Gi Charat? Who? Dejiko? I thought she was Dejiko? Huh? Di Gi Charat spends a lot of its time trying to confuse you with naming conventions, but I’ll try and foil its sinister plan right here, with a few guides to the weird and wacky world of.. widiculous.. ah, whatever. Weird names. Got it?

Firstly, all four main girls have short “nicknames” as well as proper long names. Here is the exhaustive list:

The long name is generally considered the “elegant” version and used in appropriate cases such as in fancy official artwork or merchandising. The shorter names are used in the television series and comic to address each character more casually.

Another question that might be on your mind is.. what is D-U-P? Why is it on some merchandise and artwork? It’s simply a shortened way to refer to Dejiko, Usada Hikaru and Puchiko. Poor Piyoko gets left out of the picture.

Di Gi Charat, a rather odd name for a girl and, well, a series, has something to do with a “Digital Character”. I think it may have something to do with Koge-Donbo wanting to refer to the fact Gamers sold digital games, or something like that. It’s odd and us English-speakers probably won’t ever understand it.


Dejiko shoots a laser from her eyes, and expresses this by yelling out “me kara biimu”, seemingly officially translated as “eye beam”. Piyoko vomits explosive missiles by yelling “kuchi kara bazooka”, which is “mouth bazooka”.

Some (Hopefully Uncommon) Pictures!

I have collected various images from around the internet and even scanned a few things for this small collection of rare to semi-rare to not rare at all Di Gi Charat images. Have fun!

There are a few index pages here for the general images I’ve found and saved. I’ve got zip archives of both artbooks and the reference book, too. General Images is liable to be updated randomly, so no zip file there.


Sure, what self-respecting website that lacks self-respect doesn’t have a links section? Certainly not this one. Here are some sites I recommend if you want to look up more information or buy stuff pertaining to the Di Gi Charat cult.

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