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An about me page? How lame, huh? I guess I’ve always strived for a certain ideal with Soaringrabbit.com, though. I’m inspired by tacky old simple websites with big bold Times New Roman fonts and tidy end-notes with “last updated” dates and all sorts of things like that.. and a common feature of such charmingly old-school sites is the presence of “about” pages. I would consider this an exercise in pure egotism if not for my experience over the years checking out these kitschy little pages. It’s always been a weird guilty pleasure, so I am repaying my debt now. :|

Also, apologies for the plain design. I have a great design idea but it will require a ton of work from Veronica, who is a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Soon it’ll be better, okay?

So, I’m SuitCase and have historically gone by this name since 1997 or so when I first found the Internet. You might have met me in the various communities I have attended since about 2000: Dcrevolution, Focal Point, Sonic HQ’s Segasonic board, Sonikku to Emi no ai, the Moogle Cavern, #srb2, Deviantart, Lemonade, and I guess the Opera Mac forums. Or maybe just on AIM, where my screen name is KawaiiSuityChan (established 2002, desu.) I go by “Anonymous” at 4chan /b/, /g/ and /comp/.

You can pigeonhole me as a pretty big Macfag, Operafag and the opposite of an actualfag, as I adore my girlfriend (Deviantart page) very very much. She’s staying and studying with me, actually, after 6 years of a pretty awesome Internet relationship. I went to the University of Sydney and did a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and History, and have finished a JD (ex LLB) at the University of New South Wales. Oh yeah, currently 24, birthday is the 21st of July, live in Sydney, Australia, star sign is Cancer.

What could count as my “own” webpages not on Soaringrabbit? I’ll give a list!

Wow, so totally easy to stalk me.

About Soaringrabbit.com

So what of this website? Well, the name derived from the name Veronica (aforementioned girlfriend) came up with for the Keio Flying Squadron site I began in 2001 or so and didn’t really get to a readable state until 2004. In terms of what came before this site, there’s not much of note — I got the Internet in 1997, made some crappy webpage on a free host that is now long gone, floated from ISP webspace to ISP webspace, then finally settled down on Piyoko.org, my first (Di Gi Charat-inspired) domain in 2002, which lasted all of a year (was squatted on, now it’s dead again.)

Soaringrabbit.com was born on the 13th of June, 2004, more or less, and is intended to remain here indefinitely.. I want to keep my email address this time! It was hosted by Fuitadnet (now “GreatValueHost”, lol), who were fast, cheap and clunky, but is now hosted by Joyent née Textdrive, who are very pleasant and reliable.

Regardless, the site has gone through numerous incarnations, and the Web Archive has caught a few of them. I like to think of the current version as “version 3.5”. Here is “version 1” of Soaringrabbit.com from September ‘04 and here is an awkwardly cached “version 2” of Soaringrabbit.com from March ‘05. See how much nicer it gets all the time?

Oh. I haven’t made this website alone. Almost anything involving drawing can be attributed to Veronica (Email link), with the occasional touching up and general HTML and CSS advice from Sammy the Cat Beany, the creator of #lemonade (Email link). I am super duper grateful for GerbilSoft’s (Email link) PHP hitcounter script, which I totally don’t understand but it keeps things pretty, and clean in a MySQL database. Masaki (Email link) also helped a bit, so I should mention him and his exciting message board called Gunsha.

That’s about all there is to the site. I hope this page is informative to users and spam bots alike. Mail me if you have any suggestions, questions, death threats or love notes. Or requests for more elaboration on this page, as I really don’t mind sharing inane details.

Why not head on home to the Soaringrabbit.com homepage? You know all about it now so you should be pretty interested.

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